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Special Equipment

Custom Specifications are contents that enrich and complement the Customisation Programme and are offered to passionate and demanding customers wishing to strengthen the distinctive character of their car.

Customisations department have developed a Custom Specifications programme for them, combining the most remarkable proposals in a Brochure, offering attractive configurations in three main areas: Exteriors, Interiors, and Catalogue.

All the contents of the Custom Specifications programme, given their impact on the car's aesthetic, are always released with Ferrari Style validation to guarantee consistency with the brand and the level of class with which it is so closely associated.


In the Exteriors area, the customer can select from a wide range of special paints, sample paints, livery, dreamlines, coloured carbon and painted rims.


The Interiors section provides combinations of leathers/alcantara, charcoal, painted aluminium and different and more sophisticated stitching than offered in the optional catalogue.


The Catalogue includes a series of details from which to choose as part of the iconic car design, playing with the theme of Italian-ness and the "Tricolore", including flags and coats of arms, embroidered logos and stitched and/or painted finishes in white, red and green.

Customers can also request a technical and economic evaluation to be carried out on a new product specification not included under the Customisation Programme, once it has been determined that this will not impact the safety, type-approval, mechanics and reliability of the car, and provided it complies with Ferrari style standards.

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